In a move designed to encourage exhibitors of Imported Register breeds, The Kennel Club has announced that these breeds are now eligible to compete in Any Variety and Stakes classes.

Such breeds can now achieve the Veteran Warrant award

A number of Imported Register breeds have already claimed the ShCEx award. However, up until now these breeds have been ineligible for the VW award, a situation which will now change as points gained by Imported Register breeds in AV veteran or veteran stakes classes will now count towards the award.

Exhibitors are asked to note that the latest regulation change, which comes into effect as of 1 January 2021, does not allow for Imported Register breeds to compete in AVNSC classes.

For new definitions of the Imported Breed Register, AV classes and AVNSC classes check on the Kennel Club Website.



See the latest update to our health page;

The SRHP Club and our Breed Health Coordinator have been working closely with the Kennel Club to collate the following document.

Breed Health and Conservation Plan

This is the first public version and will be updated periodically as the breed and statistics dictate.


wt committee

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Gundog Working Test RESULTS HERE

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Congratulations to our winners of the 1st Annual Top Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club Awards

Top Adult was won by Charlotte Baker with Achouffe Smokey Diamond

Top Puppy was won by Tricia Grime with Ansona Jazzmin

Don't forget to collect your points for 2021!!

puppy head shot

PUPPY LIST; as a numerically small breed we do not have a puppy sales list, as a club we suggest you use the Kennel Club Find a Puppy service.


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We have also added a link to Laboklin who do a range of DNA tests

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