The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club (Provisional)


Pictured below is Oona, (Stormdancer Gossip at Classic Dream's) when she had just completed her third open class blood track with a first prize and became Swedish Blood Tracking Champion, SE VCH. Oona has done really well for Pernilla & Rolf, both in the show ring and out working, her new "name" is:

J, SE VCH, SE V-09, FIN V-09, NO V-09, NORD V-09, SE V-10, WW-10 Stormdancer Gossip at Classic Dream's.

Well done to Colin Fletcher and Demolition Dash, what a brilliant team these pair are, they just love it!' on 18th July 2009 at Knowlands Farm in Barcombe East Sussex, Colin and Dash just missed out on first place by half a point by winning 2nd in Novice at the GSPC Sussex Branch's Working Test and for those skeptics of this breeds ability in water, Dash was given 25/25 for his liquid retrieve; he was also accredited an Excellent in his Conformation and considering only four dogs from over 50 achieved the same grade, it really was a super award winning day, congratulations.

Joanna and Margaret's Hosta Pride in Greyspirit was 7th in the Novice Working Test at Dalnaglar and she got her Irish Show Champion title! Keep up the good work.

TED...STORMDANCER NEW ERA, was awarded his Kennel Club Gold Good Citizen Award on 11th May 2009. We think he may be the first Slovak to get the Gold award!! Well done to Lynne and Ted!

Pernilla & Rolf, who own Stormdancer Gossip at Classic Dream's, have been to Slovakia for the spring, fieldtrial with Oona. There were 9 Slovakians started and Oona went third in the fieldtrial with 163 points (184 maximum) and she got a FIRST PRIZE!!! What a start of her carrier, first SV-09 and then a first prize at a fieltrial in Slovakia at the age of 11 months!

The 1st Green Star for a Slovak in Ireland !! Joanna Maclaine & Margaret Hunter's 13 month old bitch Eva, AKA Hosta Pride in Greyspirit (Ir An Ch 08, Ir Jun Ch) says Eva was awarded her Grade One HPR test passing with a Merit, and in June she was placed 2nd in the Puppy Working Test held at Dalnaglar, yet another dual purpose Slovakian!

Eva has added another title to her long list at the European Winners show, she is now Hosta Pride in Greyspirit - Irish Junior Champion, Annual Champion 2008, Celtic Winner 2009 and European Winner 2009 (IJCH, ANCH08, CW09, EW09)

Well done to Liza Brown with Endie (Dangvord Dido at Brakabreeze) she has been graded Good & Very Good at a number of Spring Pointing Tests.

Jane Brown's Gracie aka Stormdancer Niave, has passed her gundog HPR Beginners test with a merit!

Congratulations go to Denise Curren and Ansona Brigadier who made breed history on 9th March by qualifying UDex at Lincoln GSD and ABTS?

First Working Trial qualification by a SRHP in the UK !

.............and again on the 17th May by qualifying CDex

Well done Denise and Fuzy

We now have three Slovakians in this country with show titles ( from the continent of course ) Sandra Rowbury is a great campaigner of the breed abroad and now has two bitches and one dog with a string of titles!!

World Champion and World Winner 2006 , Ch. Poland , Ch. NL, JCh. Lux. EW '04 BW ‘04 AW'05

Ansona Arabella at Stormdancer








Many congratulations to committee member Sue Hancock for winning both Special Beginners and taking the Top Slovak shield at the 2nd SRHP Working Test on the 8th August with her dog Dangvord Dion, Dab.

Well done to Emma and Stewart Bailey and their girls for their dog, Blue, Achouffe Ardenne, taking the Dog of the Day award at the Fun Day on the 5th June. Blue won five rosettes in total, including the scurry and agility.

We hope it made the extra days stay worth it!!

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This is Pernilla Ryberg with our SRHP getting her diploma of J, SE VCH, SE V-09, FIN V-09, NO V-09, NORD V-09, SE V-10, WW-10, NO V-10, NORD V-10 Stormdancer a Classic Dream, “Oona”, firstprize in fieldtrial in Slovakia. Way to go girls!!!

Luxembourg Champion & Junior Champion Argo od Vitalosa at Stormdancer

Margaret and husband Les have, and still are enjoying many achievements with the mother of this youngster IrShCh Hosta Pride in Greyspirit 'Eva'.  Her first two GWT test following this litter have been as follows:

Eva was placed 2nd in Novice at the GSPC - Highland Group judged by Mark Hodgkinson and Julie George-Ainscough on 30th April 2011, and was placed third in Novice at the North of Scotland Gundog Association Working Test judged by Mick Canham and Robin Hall at Glen Dye on 29th May 2011.

Many congratulations have to go to Margaret Hunter from Scotland who handled her new youngster homebred Charlie 'Greyspirit Blackthorn' at the Brewlands Working Test, on 18th June 2011 in his debut GWT winning Puppy, this was run by the GSPC - Scottish Group ...  see picture (Margaret front right) ...

Congratulations to Karen and Mike: “Yesterday we held the Kennel Club Good Citizen tests at our Dog club and Merlin passed both his Bronze AND Silver awards. Both in the same day! He was an absolute star! We are extremely proud of Merlin (Achouffe a la Roche), I'm sure that if we were allowed to take the Gold as well he would have got all three!

Merlin (Achouffe a la Roche) is such an amazing dog, we feel truly blessed to share our lives with him. Everything we do with him he enjoys himself and he lives life to the full.”

Very many congratulations to Rolf Ryberg now that J, SE VCH, SE V-09, FIN V-09, NO V-09, NORD V-09, SE V-10, WW-10, NO V-10, NORD V-10, FR W-11, WW-11 Stormdancer a Classic Dream, “Oona”, went World Winner both 2010 in Denmark and 2011 in Paris.

Many congratulations to Mike and Julia Kerby from Hants.  Their dog Lukas (Achouffe Lukas), handled by Julia, won Special Beginners at our 2011 GWT, taking both the Special Beginners Plate and the Top Slovak awards!

The full results are here.

Paulien Jansen write: ‘On Friday the 2nd September 2011 three Slovaks participated in the FCI Centenary European Dog Show in  (The Netherlands). Our “Kouros” became BOB and European Winner 2011. We are so proud of him!

NL.Ch/NL Jr Ch. Hunters Grey Delight Amazing Booze W’09

(Stormdancer Nectar X Argo Od Vitalosa At Stormdancer)

Breeder/owner P.Jansen:

Team "Sheppard" Merlin & Luna pass their tests!

On Saturday the 28th July Luna (Weimaraner) passed her Bronze award and Merlin (SRHP below) passed the Gold Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen test!

Mike and Merlin coming second in the “Dog that looks most like it owner” - I can’t imagine what won!