From time to time and thankfully only on occasion, the Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club does come across dogs of this breed who require a new home.  This can be for many reasons and fortunately to date none have been due to the breed’s character or behaviour and is usually a fault or circumstance within their current home and their owner/s.

In 2011 the SRHP Club discussed the responsibility, ethics and benefits of a ‘Breed Rescue’ service.  As the SRHP is still currently classed as a minority breed and the Club relatively small in comparison to the more popular and well established breed Clubs providing such a complete service was deemed not financially viable nor sustainable.  Subsequently the Club opted for a SRHP Breed Careline instead and our details have been officially registered with the Kennel Club since 2012 and appears in the Kennel Club Breed Rescue Directory which is updated annually.

For those who are looking to re-home or adopt one our lovely breed please contact our appointed Careline Coordinator whose role is to assist in these unfortunate or giving circumstances. 

The Club does have specific procedures in which to adhere to and these are as follows:

•             For anyone wishing to re-home their SRHP via the SRHP Club must inform the Careline Coordinator at their earliest opportunity and be prepared to continue providing full care and support for their SRHP until a suitable adoptive family can be found.  There will be no remunerations whatsoever in any circumstance regarding re-homing.  All KC registration documents including immunisation details must be surrendered to a representative of the SRHP Club at the time of collection and microchip details amended accordingly.

•             For anyone wishing to provide a new motivational, loving and forever home by adopting a SRHP now or in the future must provide up to two personal references, be willing to have their homes vetted, abide by the SRHP Club Adoption Contract and be prepared for a wait.