Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club

Shot Over Day for members October 2018

Massive thanks to the Saltby Farms Estate, especially their manager Frazer Jolly for allowing us the use of the land. The dogs ran over a variety of fields including sugar beet, stubble and game cover. Hares once again were in abundance. A very big thank you to our guest trainer Nigel Cox and our three guns, Matt, Pete and Marcus and all the handlers and their dogs who made the day what it was.

Special thanks to Frazer who will be allowing us back next year which is great news, really looking forward to doing it all again. Good luck to all the handlers and dogs who will be working throughout the season.



SRHP Club Gundog Working Test 2018 Results

1st Yockletts Solstice - R Dockwray
2nd Yockletts Cordiale - J Izard
3rd Bonario Fagina - Alan Parr
4th Witham Friary Doretha - E Carter
5th Fassfields Silver Lining - H Gray

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1st  Hawksward Sirocco - T O’Dowd
2nd Gameglow I Will Survive - E Raisinbrook
3rd Warrendown Roelle - J Thomson
4th Hawkshead Storm Thunder - A Skinner
5th Mottaret Marmottes - J Ley

1st Sasfrids Lilja - Sian Bonner
2nd Sanjon Bertrano - T Browning
3rd Cumin Charolais - J Fowler
4th Pitwit Jack The Gamekeeper - P Terry
5th Sasfrids Solros - G Etherton

1st Wealdenedge Ubii - S Galloway
2nd Ansona Heaven Sent to Lassenmisva - A Wright
3rd Bareve Buffelsberg - J Ayling
4th Kateland Catherdral - L Wells
5th Warrendown Megs Angel - E Carter

1st Warrendown Genesis - A Farley
2nd Sovargos French Fancy - B Austin
3rd Bonairo Chatelaine - A Parr
4th Sanjon Bertramo - T Browning
5th Chontelle Summer Breeze Witham Friary - A Farley