Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club Results & Reports

Gundog Working Test 2019 Results

1st Anivellen v Rebelia                   H Spearman
2nd Karrouki Wildfire                     S Mills
3rd Arbourtree Ilex                          C Voller
4th Rocco Vom Flobach                J Lane
5th Normbar Timewas                    D Hart

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1st Mari May Lara                            E Wallis
2nd Moricroft Bounty                       J Holmes             
3rd Seasham Diamond                  H Bradley
4th Achouffe Fentons Fable          F Bailey
5th Kacela Sweet Amara               S Gardiner

1st Abourtree Beechwood            C Voller
2nd Finn of Time                             P Head
3rd Karrouki Wildfire                      S Mills
4th Katelands Catherdral Ale        A Budge
5th Forefrost Topaze                      P Williams

1st Stairfoot Skye                             S Pudney
2nd Sanjon Bertramo                       T Browning
3rd Bak Dido Slovakia                     L Fynn
4th Zoldmali Zeller                             M Blackman
5th Karrouki Windfire                       S Mills


Spring Pointing Training Day 31st March 2019

We had a full complement of dogs for the SRHP Club Spring Pointing Training Day, a nice mixture of HPR’s with both Novice and Experienced handlers.  Sadly, Nigel Cox who was due to take the day was involved in a nasty garden accident that involved a lengthy stay in A&E, so I stood in to take the day.

The whole day was run on winter wheat apart from one field of rape and all the dogs were run into the thankful wind.  There were a lot of hares found during some of their runs with some dog’s coping better than others; but these training days are put on for exactly that and to give handlers the chance to go back home and work on their own dog’s weaknesses.  Not all the handlers have the opportunity to work their dog’s on such a large expanse of fields such as these with all the distractions they might find; so it was a great training opportunity for them all.
I enjoyed the day immensely not only watching the dog’s work and growing in confidence throughout but the handlers company also.  There were two dogs that stood out for me throughout the day, not only for the way they covered the ground but both these dogs were steady to hare, with no over handling and were a sheer joy to watch. 
These two handlers were Lissa Fynn and her SRHP, and Maureen Nixon with her young GSP.


Gundog Steadiness Training Day February 24th 2019

The day began with a thick fog and mist making for awful driving conditions en route to the ground for most, but by mid-morning out came the sun in what proved to be a most spectacular day.  I have to thank Alistair Troughton, the Boothby Syndicate and their Keeper Richard Hazlett for without the offering of this superb ground many dogs and handlers would never be exposed to such terrain.  I have also to thank our guest trainers Steve Walton and Mark Hodgkinson who guided and encouraged their opportunity. 

The wind was a bit hit and miss at first but the dogs found ample scent to get them out hunting the expanse of the fields and sufficient enough to push birds up through a variety of cover crops and woods.  We had some really nice dog work, some lovely acknowledgements and points with sit to flush, steadiness on pheasant, partridge and snipe despite an extremely athletic hare or two.

Handlers were reminded at the morning briefing that it was a training day and to use their time well, to their advantage with no unnecessary pressure on themselves or their dogs, which they did.  This made for a good relaxed atmosphere and it showed.  Handlers took the opportunity to read their dogs, were quiet in their commands, and the dogs were listening too which was a pleasure to witness.

We ended the day with a small presentation to the Keeper and trainers who went on to award the best dog to Pamela Coakley’s GSP.

* * * * *

Shot Over Day for members 20th October 2018

The Slovakian Rough Haired Pointer Club held its first of more annual Shot Over Training Days by kind permission of the Saltby Farms Estate and their Manager Frazer Jolly. Proceeds from the day were split between the Club and the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance Charity No. 1017501. The Club intend to provide more training opportunities for their members and owners of HPR’s throughout the year.

Thankfully good weather ensured perfect conditions for the dogs.  Following a brief health & safety talk identifying first aiders and a fire marshal which was given first thing in the morning the contingent moved off. Kennel Club Field Trial A Panel Judge Nigel Cox was their guest trainer working alongside Mark Hodgkinson.  The Club had enlisted three experienced guns who had all shot over HPR’s previously which was helpful as only shot from points were required. They ran the dogs through a variety of fields including sugar beet, stubble and cover crops where all the handlers and their dogs gained much valuable experience.  Hares were in abundance and pointed quarry of Pheasant and Partridge were bagged.

The day was designed to enrich both dogs and handlers not only on understanding macro and ground treatment but the use of the wind, residual scent, the false point, essential steadiness on point in their dogs, the handlers distance for the flush and of course the sit to shot before the retrieve. Not forgetting those pesky Hares who provided a fabulous distraction lesson in ground game. The day was hailed as being well received with the ‘Guns Award’ unanimously presented to Louise Holmes with her GWP Isla.  


* * * * *


SRHP Club Gundog Working Test 2018 Results

1st Yockletts Solstice - R Dockwray
2nd Yockletts Cordiale - J Izard
3rd Bonario Fagina - Alan Parr
4th Witham Friary Doretha - E Carter
5th Fassfields Silver Lining - H Gray

Novice Dog/Novice Handler
1st  Hawksward Sirocco - T O’Dowd
2nd Gameglow I Will Survive - E Raisinbrook
3rd Warrendown Roelle - J Thomson
4th Hawkshead Storm Thunder - A Skinner
5th Mottaret Marmottes - J Ley

1st Sasfrids Lilja - Sian Bonner
2nd Sanjon Bertrano - T Browning
3rd Cumin Charolais - J Fowler
4th Pitwit Jack The Gamekeeper - P Terry
5th Sasfrids Solros - G Etherton

1st Wealdenedge Ubii - S Galloway
2nd Ansona Heaven Sent to Lassenmisva - A Wright
3rd Bareve Buffelsberg - J Ayling
4th Kateland Catherdral - L Wells
5th Warrendown Megs Angel - E Carter

1st Warrendown Genesis - A Farley
2nd Sovargos French Fancy - B Austin
3rd Bonairo Chatelaine - A Parr
4th Sanjon Bertramo - T Browning
5th Chontelle Summer Breeze Witham Friary - A Farley